Micanopy, Florida Home Buyer Grant



Do you meet the general criteria for a home loan in Micanopy, FL but lack the down payment?
Because this happens far too often Smart Mortgage Centers has created forgivable grant programs in Micanopy that provide down payment and closing cost assistance for borrowers who would otherwise qualify for a mortgage.
Smart Mortgage Centers offers Homebuyer Grants in Micanopy. Grants for homebuyers in Micanopy, FL are not limited to first time homebuyers.  In order to qualify for the Grant Program the 1st mortgage will be completed by Smart Mortgage Centers

Micanopy Home Grant Qualifications


  • 580 Credit Score Required
  •  Grant is completely forgiven – no repayment required!
  •  Grant can be used for down payment and/or closing costs
  •  Seller Credit of 6% is allowed
  •  Gift funds are allowed!
  •  Borrower(s) not required to be First Time Homebuyers.
  •  Income limit is based on qualifying income used for transaction, not household income.


Micanopy, Florida Mortgage Brokers are standing by to assist with mortgage questions and pre-approvals. Making the dreams of owning a Micanopy, FL home a reality since 1997.


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    Micanopy (c. 1780 – January 2, 1849), also known as Micco-Nuppe, Michenopah, Miccanopa, Mico-an-opa and Sint-chakkee (“pond frequenter”, as he was known prior to accession),[1] was the leading chief of the Seminoles who led the tribe during the Second Seminole War.

    His name was derived from the Hitchiti “miko” (chief), and “naba” (above), and consequently meaning “high chief” or the like.[1] Micanopy was also known as Hulbutta Hajo (or “Crazy Alligator”).